We All Spit Salt, 2004

Exhibited at: Mary Porter Sesnon Gallery, Porter College, University of California, Santa Cruz in 2004.
Dimensions: Variable
Materials: Wood, salt, glass, hanging mechanisms, black lettering.

We All Spit Salt was a quiet reflection on the capacity of the human consciousness to make decisions. I had found research that the human heart had recently been proven to emit magnetic fields that can be detected miles away, and that scientists are beginning to think that the heart has its own form of a brain. Salt is the element that keeps all of the water in our cells, and keeps the body stabilized. It is one of our tracking devices, as it is in every one of our bodily fluids. I began to think that it could be a way to track to study the complexity about how and why we make a decision, how we determine things—are they based on emotion or reason?

In this piece, the viewer could swing on a swing within the middle of the gallery, and chart their movement between the cerebrum (brain) or the cordis (heart), leaving tracks of salt in their wake.