Diagram for Substance Transferal, 2005


These suits were created for the study of thermal depolymerization (the process by which any organic material can be turned into oil) in The Human-to-Oil Project.
These suits show the living stage of the human body producing water,
and the potential organic stage of the human body producing oil.

The concept behind Diagram for Substance Transferal is that the two substances of oil and water are poetically and physically linked, and can morph into each other. The process linking these two substances is the cycle of the human body from birth to entropy. We began from matter such as stardust, and our time on this earth is spent mostly as water, as we carry with us 85% of the substance. When we die, we enter a natural process, where we are reclaimed by the earth and sent on a journey to eventually become fossil fuels. The two most important needs of humankind today, oil and water are linked and mixed through this piece within the container of the human body.

Dimensions: Variable.
Materials: Vinyl, aquarium pumps, water, oil, tubing, hardware.