Vociferous: Mind/Body Separation Devices. 2008

Recipe for a Conversation

-6 yards canvas
-Piles of Wood, to make chairs
-Eyehooks, c-hooks, staples, screws to taste
-1 spool of white thread
-1 needle
-1 gallon of '‘desert orange’' paint
-1 meadow
-Serves two people, or just one.

Create two solid stances across from one another in a meadow. These are viewings stations to each other or the sky.
Stitch and invisible bridge between them. Separate your mind from your body, physically, allowing all attention to be directed
outwards or upwards.
Invite others to sit across from you, so that you may get to know them better.
Or, sit alone, with the wind around you.
Marinate for five days.
Take the fatty weightlessness of being alive with you.
Save indefinitely, in joy-sized portions.

'‘Given Take’' is an exhibit undertaken by eight artists (almost strangers) orbiting together for a week spent camping in the juniper wilds of Mountainair, New Mexico. The artists made art in response to a poem written by three women artists in Maine. The eight pieces produced from this experience will be exhibited out in the field, at The Land/an art site in the month of June, with a follow-up exhibit in Albuquerque, NM at The Land/an art site Gallery on 4th St in July. My snippet of the poem was '‘not air-filled, vociferous.’' This is my response.

The Land/an art site: Mountainair, NM.