The Clearing, a Design for Yale Park, on UNM Campus, 2008

Concept: This design is an exercise in the unexpected; a small 8.5 meter by 8.5 meter square is transformed into a spatially elongated place of perception, where volume intensifies locality. Twenty-four Quercus Robur Fastigiata (English Columnar Oaks) of an especially narrow variety, the “Kindred Spirit,” are planted in concentric patterns away from the center of the square. The center is a marble-tiled “clearing” with a granite table and chairs. Visitors sitting at the table can direct their gaze across the table, or to the framed view of sky above. The experience of navigating through the “woods” created by the extremely tall and slender trees is one of screened/unscreened, open/closed, and small/vast.

Design, Landscape Architecture