Salt Preservation Skins, 2007


The Salt Preservation Skins were created as representations of another layer of geological petroleum formation. When organic matter is transmuted into petroleum, one of the ways it is contained under the earth’s surface is through built-up layers of salt, called “salt traps.” These salt traps keep the oil contained within the earth as a reserve.
These preservation skins have dual purposes, which are as follows:

  1. To preserve donated organic matter until a Human-to-Oil Press is
    ready for use; salt functions as a preservative by absorbing water
    from the organic matter and preventing full decay.

  2. Similar to the ways in which salt traps beneath layers of the earth
    form a reserve for organic matter that has been transmuted into oil,
    these skins reserve processed, liquefied organic matter until needed
    for energy.

These suits can be grown over water canals with high salinity content, such as are present in the Great Salt Basin of Utah.

Dimensions: Variable, Available in custom sizes.
Materials: Grown salt crystals, leather straps, hardware, pine resting boxes.